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Goodbye Sydney

The past two days have been hard. Really, really, really hard.

Friday was the last day of the lease on our Sydney apartment. We had to get all our things out and clean the whole apartment before 5pm, when our real estate agent was coming to check everything and collect our keys. On Friday morning our entire kitchen, wardrobes and various other piles of junk had not even been packed, and all of our furniture and the things that had been packed were still piled in the garage. Not good.

We got up at 6am, frantically packed what was left and hauled it down our building’s 3 flights of stairs, finishing at lunch time. We spent the entire afternoon maniacally scrubbing walls, cupboards and floors, cleaning the oven, bleaching the bathroom and laundry, removing cat fur from the vertical blinds and generally making the apartment spotless, to ensure we’d get all of our bond back. After handing over our keys at 5 o’clock, we still had to load all of the boxes (piled in the garage) onto the trailer, and dispose of all our furniture. Our furniture was all very inexpensive and it would have cost us more to get it moved interstate than it would to just replace it, so to keep costs down we made the decision to leave it behind and start from scratch. Luckily our apartment was just 2 doors down from a Salvation Army store where you can leave furniture and things for donation, so at about 10pm Friday night the two of us hauled all of our (extremely heavy!) furniture (up hill!) to the op-shop. By 11.30 pm we were finally done. The apartment was empty and clean, the furniture was gone and the trailer was loaded. Exhausted, we waved goodbye and drove until we were too tired to go on, finally collapsing into a motel room at about 3.30am.

Yesterday we got up, and set off on the rest of the drive to Victoria. Unfortunately it was a wet, wet day. We had tarps covering our things but they kept coming loose and letting rain in, so we had to keep stopping to adjust them. We also had some minor car troubles. When we finally arrived at Katie’s mum’s place at about 7.30pm last night, a lot of the boxes were damp. We were so tired all we wanted to do was leave the boxes on the trailer until the morning and go to bed, but the trailer was wet, so we had to get them off to prevent them from absorbing any more water. Miraculously, the water hadn’t seeped through any of the boxes containing delicate or papery things, so nothing has been ruined.

It’s days like yesterday and Friday that make regular days seem wonderful. Today we are tired, but relieved that the worst is (hopefully!) over. Now that we are here, we begin the rather daunting task of starting from scratch. In the short term we need to find work and a new home and new furniture. More long term, we have to get settled, meet new people and build a new life for ourselves. Despite the aching backs, the lack of sleep and the uncertainty of unemployment, we feel really, really positive. It was a big risk leaving Sydney but somehow we know it was the right thing to do. Despite how hard the last few days have been, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We are no longer tied to the city and jobs we were unhappy in. We don’t know what will come next, but we are free, and there is a whole wide world of new opportunities to explore and experiences to have. Despite everything, we are happy.

Katie and Reuben x

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The End of an Era (and the Start of a New One)

(That’s us during our uni era!  2007/2008)

I’ve been looking through old photos of Reubs and I a lot lately. Aside from just making me really, really happy, they remind me of all the changes we’ve experienced in the 6.5 years we’ve been together. It’s nice to reflect a little bit on all our past chapters, right before we begin a brand new one…

Today was Reuben’s last day at his current day job and tomorrow will be my last day at mine. Next week we leave Sydney for good. Wow.

This move is our first step in the direction of our big, big dreams. We have so many exciting new projects, adventures and changes planned that we can’t wait to tell you about soon, but for the next week or so we are going to be busy packing, cleaning and driving interstate, so things are going to be a little quieter than usual on the blog.

We are so thrilled to be beginning this next phase of our lives and we’re so looking forward to sharing it with you.

Wish us luck!

Katie x

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A Good Day

Today we ate veggie burgers and drank coffee and took a lovely walk. We watched pigeons and ferries, climbed a tree and ran in the rain. It was a good day.

We hope you had a gorgeous weekend! Wishing you very good things for the coming week.

Katie and Reuben x

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A Fresh Start

Big changes are happening in the humble house. Big, wonderful, exciting, terrifying, beautiful, scary, magical changes.

We’ve decided to leave Sydney. It’s official. We have given our day jobs notice and later this week we’ll let our landlord know. We’re starting to think about what things we’ll take with us and what we’ll leave behind. We’re making lists and gathering boxes and ticking the days off our calendars. We’re preparing to say goodbye to the Sydney chapter of our lives.

We’ve spent two years in this big, busy, bustly city. Two years that have somehow both zipped by in an instant and dragged on for an eternity. Two years that have been horrible and wonderful and life changing and uneventful, all at the same time…

Before we came to Sydney we thought that when we were finished with uni (in Queensland) we’d go to Melbourne. We have always really loved Melbourne, so Melbourne was the plan. But when work led us here instead, we went with it. We figured this was the way things were meant to be so we dove right in, we crossed our fingers and we hoped that maybe we’d learn to love Sydney too.

But two years on from the day we arrived, full of hope and expectation, we still feel no more connected or at ease here. We’ve always felt a bit like two odd puzzle pieces that don’t really fit in Sydney, and though we can see it’s beauty and it’s charm, it’s just never clicked with us. It’s never felt like home.

So now it’s time to move on and (hopefully) find a place where we can feel more settled.

Though it hasn’t worked out, we don’t see the Sydney experiment as a failure. We have learnt and grown and changed so much over the past two years. This city has taught us so many lessons that we will always be grateful for. Living in tiny apartments with two cats who long to be allowed outdoors again; spending hours on smelly trains with unfriendly people in grey suits who shove and never say “excuse me”; spending an exorbitant amount of money on rent; never seeing the stars – these are things that we have realised are not part of our dream life. And though we would like to be close to the city so we can pop in for the day when the desire strikes us, our time in Sydney has opened our eyes to how much we crave space, peacefulness and clean air. We never realised how much we wanted room for a veggie garden, quiet roads for bike riding and countryside for exploring, until we moved to the city and those things were no longer available.

It’s important to mention we are also desperate to escape the insane living expenses of Sydney. It would be nice to be less chained to our day jobs so that we might have more time to create, enjoy life, work on our dream projects and just be. (And it would be nice to live somewhere where maybe one day we’ll be able to afford to buy a little house of our own!)

Sydney hasn’t been all bad. There have been new friends made, glorious ferry rides in the sunshine, scrumptious things eaten at the Cupcake Bakery and wonderful dinners with family. There are things that we will certainly miss…

But we’re ready for a fresh start. It’s time to leave this crazy place in pursuit of a life closer to that we dream of. And though we don’t have a real plan and we don’t know quite where this move will take us, somehow this just feels right. The uncertainty of it all is just part of the adventure!

We hope you’ll join us as we embark on this journey and begin a new chapter of our lives. Somewhere out there is a little house just waiting for us to call it our new home. There are new op-shops for thrifting in, new parks for picnicking in and new craft stores for playing in. There are new friends to meet, new places to visit and new adventures to be had. We are so very excited!

Katie and Reuben x

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Guest Post at Love Elycia!

Guess what?! We are guest posting at Love Elycia today (or yesterday, depending on where in the world you are)! This is our first ever guest post and Elycia is one of our very favourite bloggers, so we feel super honoured to be included as wedding guests on her blog while she prepares for her big day. We wrote a little post about Australia. Have a looksie!

Katie and Reuben x

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