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Though the new season doesn’t technically begin until tomorrow, it seems to have arrived a little early. The past few days have been noticeably less cold but it wasn’t until today, when I woke up to the most warm, sunny, delicious day, that I really realised. Spring is here!

This morning I sat on the lawn, under an impossibly blue sky, eating watermelon and chatting to the cat. Many trees in our street are now bursting with pink blossoms and the grass is growing so fast we can hardly keep up with it. Seeing the evidence of a new season all around me I was reminded of just how fast this year is passing by. It’s almost 9 months since we settled on our old house. Tomorrow we are getting started on the veggie patch, which at the beginning of the year seemed so far away. And in just two weeks I’ll turn 27.

Of course, there is no slowing the passage of time! So instead, we must try to make the most of right now. To wiggle our toes in the grass, smell the fruit blossoms and drink up the glorious sunshine. Because just like the one before it, this gorgeous season won’t last long.

Katie x

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Fruit Blossoms and Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and it feels so good! Little by little, the days are getting longer and warmer, little seedlings are pushing their way through the earth and we are creeping out of hibernation. The trees are absolutely bursting with gorgeous spring blossoms now. It makes me so happy! I like the cold and the quieter months of winter, but this year I don’t think I could have taken another moment of it. I was so ready for fresh flowers and sunshine! And it’s extra special experiencing this gorgeous season in Victoria. Though we were here for spring last year, we were so caught up with the busyness of moving and settling in we didn’t have much of a chance to take it all in. This year we are soaking up every moment. The seasons here are so much more distinct than they ever were in New South Wales or Queensland. It’s just beautiful.

In honour of the new season and fresh beginnings, we’ve been busy spring cleaning and decluttering. We had been searching for a new place to rent but we’ve not had much luck and we’ve decided, at least for a little while, to stay put. It seems now is just not the right time to move. So rather than lamenting our little shack’s (many) flaws, we are pouring our energy into making the most of this higgledy piggledy space. We’ve bought some new shelving for our second bedroom/craft room and we are finally getting it organised. We’ve thrown out lots of junk and donated some things we no longer need or love. We’ll probably take a couple of boxes of stuff we want to keep, but don’t really use, over to store in my mum’s shed too. Our house is so tiny and lacking in storage, we have to be really careful about what we keep. As well as cleaning up, I’ve ordered a couple of little things to freshen the place up. I think a new rug here and a bright quilt there can make a world of difference, don’t you?

Oh, this dear old house. It’s not much, but it’s home!

I hope everything is sunshiney in your world right now. Don’t forget to stop and savour the season. These spring blossoms (or autumn leaves as it may be for you) don’t last long.

Katie x

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Hello Spring!

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring here in Australia, and the shift in the weather this weekend has been so dramatic, it’s almost like mother nature flicked a switch. After months of cold, grey, rainy weather, the last couple of days have been warm and sunny and glorious! This morning we headed out for a late brunch before a walk around Lake Weeroona with Miss Daisy Dog. The trees were filled with spring blossoms, the lake was dotted with ducks and the grass was covered in families celebrating Father’s Day. We ate hot jam doughnuts, gleefully wiggled our toes in the sunshine and bathed our skin in the warmth. It was exactly what we needed.

We hope you’ve all had the peachiest, happiest, loveliest weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there, with extra love to our own dads, who are back home in QLD! We love and miss you both so much.

Katie and Reuben x

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Signs of Spring

Spring is on its way! Reuben has been saying so for a few weeks now, but up until this past weekend I didn’t really believe him. It’s hard to imagine spring could be close when you’re wearing three cardigans.

We spent the weekend visiting my mum and Sunday was so lovely and sunny. We hadn’t had such a warm day in months. We peeled off some of our winter layers, stocked up on fresh produce at the farmers market and ate strawberries and tangellos in the late winter sunshine. We cuddled my mum’s bunnies and watched our Daisy and Mum’s Molly tear around the yard together like wild things. Those two puppas are the best of friends. They are so funny and sweet together.

This morning we woke up to a big crunchy frost, but with the thought of yesterday’s sunshine, the bulbs pushing their way through the soil and the blossoms on the fruit trees, we are reminded that the cold won’t be here much longer. Soon the warmer weather will be here to stay. Oh yes, spring really is on its way.

I hope your weekend was truly lovely! Wishing you wonderful things for the week ahead.

Katie x

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The Farmers Market

Today we visited the Bendigo Community Farmers Market for the first time. It was a nice, happy event with lots of friendly people and lovely produce. We came home loaded up with fresh fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, homemade fig and ginger jam, local honey, some yummy sourdough, a couple of seedlings for our garden and more silverbeet than we know what to do with!

Tomorrow we plan to get some serious gardening, crafting and coffee drinking done. Yes, gardening, crafting and coffee drinking are serious buisness around these parts.

What are you up to this weekend? Wishing you all a spiffy time, no matter what you’re doing!

Katie and Reuben x

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