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Our Home: Before

As promised, here are the “before” pictures of our new home! Yesterday we bought supplies and slowly started work, scraping back the chipped and blistering paint on some of the skirting boards and door frames. We’ve got lots of stripping, sanding, smoothing and filling to do on these old walls before we begin painting. We’re going to be painting the same colour all the way throughout and have chosen Taubmans’ “Ocean Pearl”. It’s a lovely, warm, soft white. But for now, here’s a little tour of our new home, before the transformation…

Entry Hall

This picture was taken from the front door. You enter the house into a nice wide hallway. The previous owner has already ripped up the carpet here, revealing the lovely old floorboards underneath, but the wood has not been sanded back or treated, so is in desperate need of some TLC. We can’t wait to make them shine again! I’m also thinking about creating either a gallery wall or a display of pretty vintage plates here.

Living Room 2

This is our living room. It is absolutely flooded with natural light which makes my heart really happy. It looks like the last owner might have already started work on painting in here but has only done one thin coat. I’m not yet sure exactly what kind of furnishings to put on those wonderful big windows, but anything has to be better than the current blue vertical blinds! We also really need to replace those hospital-like¬†fluorescent lights.

Living Room 3

Living Room 1

This is the living room from the other end. We’ll put our dining table and chairs just in front of that window to the kitchen. I’m so exited about pulling up the awful stained carpet and wrinkled brown lino! I think the room will look bigger once we’ve got the same flooring all the way through too.

Ceiling Moulding

Isn’t this moulded ceiling lovely?! Unfortunately some silly person in years gone by thought it was a good idea to paint around it with terrible textured paint, and now we have no idea how we’ll ever get rid of it. We might just have to live with a lumpy ceiling for a while…

Kitchen 1

This is our apricot kitchen. (Whoever previously decorated this house was obviously a big fan of apricot!) The kitchen cabinets are in pretty good condition and we can’t afford to replace them right now, so we are just planning to paint them and change the handles. That should freshen things up a bit.

Kitchen 2

Kitchen and Living Room

This shot was taken looking out to the living room from the kitchen.

Main Hall

This is the main hall, leading to the bathroom and bedrooms. The skirting boards and door frames along here are very chipped and the paint is bubbly. I forsee many, many hours spent scraping and sanding paint here…


And this is our bathroom. It is small and very, very, very beige. And a little bit apricot! The bathroom shares a wall with the laundry which is about the same size and home to a second shower. One day we’d like to pull down that wall and create a bigger bathroom but we don’t have the budget for a bathroom redo so, for the moment, the small and beige is here to stay.

Guest Bedroom

Next up is the guest bedroom. It’s the darkest room in the house but still quite light! It will be even brighter once we’ve ripped out the old brownish coloured carpet, painted over the apricot walls and pulled down those hideous blue vertical blinds.

Main Bedroom

This is the main bedroom. (More apricot!) It has not one but two lovely windows. Light, light, light!

Studio 1

And finally, this is the third bedroom, which we will use as a studio/craft room/study. This room is small, but beautifully sun drenched and bright, all day long. The previous owner had obviously started work in here, patching up cracks and prepping to paint, but unfortunately hasn’t done a very good job. There is putty everywhere. No really, everywhere.

Studio 2

This picture was taken from the studio/craft room/study, looking back up the hall.

And that’s it! Our house. Tired and grubby, but so full of potential. As I’m sure you can see, we have lots of work to do…

Katie x

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Scenes from the Humble House

From top to bottom; You are my Happy, Striped Ballet Flats, Funny Flower in the Garden, Frankie Magazine and Little Blue Christmas Tree, Paper Lace Lantern, Christmas Wrap and Poppy on the Couch.

We’ve been very busy this week, but mostly busy doing good things. Things like wrapping presents, baking gingerbread and watching Home Alone. You know, the important stuff.

We hope you are having a wonderful week and aren’t getting too frazzled by all the preparations for Christmas. It’s so easy to get caught up in buying presents and fretting about things being just so, but it’s important to remember that those things aren’t what really matter. What matters most is spending time with those we love. Presents and food and decorations are nice, but love is much, much nicer.

Katie and Reuben x

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Scenes from the Humble House

From top to bottom; Lavender from our Garden in a Thrifted Vintage Jar, Poppy Napping on the Couch, Colourful Paper Lanterns in our Bedroom, Frankie Posters in our Living Room, Salad, Flight of the Conchords on DVD, Poppy on the Windowsill, Orange, Vintage Linens on our unmade Bed.

Wishing you all a happy week, full of nifty things and dandy adventures!

Katie and Reuben x

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Scenes from the Humble House

From top to bottom; Latte (we love our coffee machine!), Poppy in a Box, Snuggly Yarn, Vintage Crochet Book, Fruit and Vegetables for Juicing, Sewing a Pretty Dress, Lavender, Lovely Stone Path in our Garden, Growing Basil and Baby Lettuces, Garden Wall.

We spent the weekend cozily tucked up at home, drinking homemade lattes and fresh juice and getting a little bit crafty (updates on crafty business to come soon!) What did you do on the weekend?

Wishing you all a shiny happy week and sending lots of good thoughts your way!

Katie and Reuben x

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Scenes from the Humble House

From top to bottom; Sleeping on the floor, mopping, the view from the kitchen window, thrifted cabinet, vintage squirrel salt and pepper shakers, ancient oven, painting, unpacked crockery, laundry on the line and one of many peanut butter on toast meals…

Our world is a little bit messy at the moment. We’ve spent the last fews days madly unpacking, hunting for “new” (old) furniture, to replace everything we left behind in Sydney, and cleaning. Oh, the cleaning! Somehow when we first came to look at this old house we failed to notice the grease-splattered kitchen wall, the mouldy bathroom ceiling and the 50 years worth of dust. Oh and don’t even get us started on the revolting state of that poor, old oven! We don’t think it’s ever been cleaned. Sadly the cute oven is beyond help and our landlord will be replacing it soon. In the meantime we are just refusing to make any food that requires baking…

It’s going to be a while before this house looks and feels quite like the home we want it to. There’s still a lot to do and we are rather restricted by our nonexistent budget, but at least now we know it’s (mostly) clean.

We hope you are all having a shiny, happy week! What have you been up to while we’ve been busy with moving stuff?

Katie and Reuben x

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