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A Happy Diversion

One of my favourite things about roadtrips is the potential for unexpected discoveries and unplanned adventures. I love having the freedom to stop and explore where ever our whims (or a wrong turn!) might carry us. We made a last minute diversion on the way home from Belligen. We were planning to stop at Sydney but about an hour from our destination we decided we just couldn’t face the city. After a couple of weeks solid visiting people, this pair of introverts was seriously tired and cranky! So instead of going to Sydney as we originally planned, we turned off towards the Blue Mountains. We spent a night in an old motel just out of the mountains, picked up fresh croissants and coffee for breakfast, then drove home through the rolling countryside the next day. Though we’re really disappointed we didn’t get to see our Sydney people, I’m glad we followed our hearts and headed for the hills. We were so frazzled, we wouldn’t have been much fun to spent time with (and it gives us an excuse for another roadtrip up to Sydney soon!) Plus, on the way home we stumbled across the charming little town of Carcoar. Carcoar is the third oldest settlement west of the the Blue Mountains and is seeped in history. We had a peachy time poking about in the antique stores and wandering about all the beautiful old buldings. Oh, how I love quaint little historical towns!

Have you ever stumbled across a little gem like Carcoar? I’d love to hear about your roadtripping adventures!

Katie x

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The Vintage Nest

This weekend we visited family in gorgeous Bellingen. It’s such a beautiful part of the world! And while we were there I was very exited to visit The Vintage Nest. I had been hearing good things about this little shop and had been looking forward to visiting for such a long time. Coffee, cake and shelves stacked with vintage? Oh, yes please! We had a lovely time rummaging through the treasures and sipping lattes. I couldn’t really think of a nicer way to while away an afternoon…

Katie x

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Scenes from Queensland

We’ve spent the last week and a bit in our beautiful home state, Queensland. We’ve wandered about at the Eumundi Markets, eaten icecreams (and been pelted with hailstones!) at Somerset Dam and explored the Currumbin rockpools. We’ve spent time with our families, played with puppies, sipped many, many iced coffees and been slightly overwhelmed by the humidity. Tomorrow we’ll start the drive back down south. Though we will be making stops at Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Sydney so we’ve still got more adventures to come yet! We’ll be so sad to leave everyone up here, but we are starting to look forward to getting home now. We miss my mum and our friends, our fur babies and our own bed. It’s lovely to get away, but it’s also a good reminder of all the wonderful stuff back home. Home is good.

We hope your world is full of sunshine and smiley things right now! Wishing you all a happy week ahead.

Katie x

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One Fine Day

Last Sunday, on the way from Coffs Harbour to Queensland, we stopped at the lovely little town of Bangalow for a break. We had heard good things about Bangalow and it’s such a delightful spot, nestled in the hills not far from Byron Bay. We ate some lunch, rummaged about in the shops and generally had a lovely time, but we were especially charmed by One Fine Day Handmade. I know it’s a big call, but One Fine Day is quite possibly the cutest shop of all time (aside from other favourites Bob Boutique and Lark of course!) The shelves are bursting with adorable things handmade by clever people, and the displays are just gorgeous. We could have spent the whole afternoon there! Unfortunately we had to get back on the road, but we left with two lovely patchwork cushions made from vintage materials, by Moose and Bird, and copy of Extra Curricular magazine tucked neatly under our arms. We can’t wait to visit One Fine Day again, next time we are road tripping through!

Katie x

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Road Tripping

For the last week we’ve been…

Driving through beautiful countryside, by gorgeous beaches and over rolling hills.

Attending the loveliest wedding of all time.

Having late night Thai food feasts in our motel room.

Listening to Doctor Karl podcasts, as well as lots of Bon Iver, The Weepies, Jenny Lewis, Neil Young, Sigur Ros and Cat Stevens.

Eating pancakes and bruschetta for breakfast, by the river in Coffs Harbour.

Catching up with family and dear friends.

Stopping at lovely country towns for coffee and cake, and to poke about in antique stores and op-shops.

Eating hot chips and watching the sun set, by the water in Noosa.

Having wonderful conversations in the car.

Driving by the Big Merino, The Big Banana, The Big Pineapple and The Big Pelican!

Discovering the cutest little handmade store in Bangalow.

Meeting gorgeous Rhonda in person, eating her lovely homegrown food and being ever so inspired by her words.

Feeding ducks and making friends with cats.

It’s been such a wonderful week and we are enjoying every bit of our trip! We hope your week has been equally peachy. We’ll be back to share more of our adventures soon!

Katie and Reuben x

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