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The Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market Stalls



Vegetable Stall

Reuben and Tangello Tree 2


The second Sunday of the month is our local farmers’ market day and visiting the market is one of our favourite rituals. There is nothing lovelier than wandering about the stalls of fresh produce, while a band plays country tunes and locals catch up over coffee nearby. The atmosphere is so warm and friendly. But of course, the best part of visiting the farmers market is coming home with gorgeous things for our kitchen and garden! Today’s haul included a big bag of apples, a tangello tree and a loaf of sourdough, among other things. We only wish the market was a bit more frequent. It would be wonderful to be able buy our fruit and veggies directly from our local producers every week.

Do you have a local farmer’s market? What’s it like? Where you live are you lucky enough to have a market that runs every week? (If so, we’re jealous!)

Wishing you all a very happy new week!

Katie x

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The Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Tomato Relish



Basil Cordial

We love farmers’ markets. The second weekend of the month is always our favourite because the Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market is on the Saturday and the Girgarre Farmers’ Produce Market is on the Sunday. Today some of our friends came over from Bendigo and we all headed over to the market at Girgarre together. Unfortunately it was extremely hot and the flies were absolutely horrible so we didn’t hang around for long, but a quick lap around the stalls was all we needed to pick up some veggies, as well as homemade tomato relish and basil cordial. Can we stop a moment to talk about the basil cordial? The lady who made it was also selling mint, lemon and elderflower cordials, but I went with the basil because I fancied something a bit different. And oh my! It is good. And so perfectly refreshing on such a hot day. Basil cordial! Who knew?!

I hope you’re weekend was most lovely. Wishing you peachy things for the week ahead!

Katie x

PS We are officially sick of scorching summer weather. Autumn, where on earth are you?!

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And it was all Yellow

We’ve had a few great op-shop/flea market/antique store adventures lately, so I thought today I’d share some of my favourite recent finds. Now that it is nearly winter it’s usually quite dark by the time we get home from work, so unfortunately I haven’t had many opportunities to take pictures. This afternoon I had to ask Reubs to model the things for me outside, in the last of the light!

This cushion is one half of a matching pair. I found them tucked in a corner of an op-shop in Castlemaine and just about had a little heart attack. There is almost nothing I love more than 70’s print fabrics. Especially if they feature yellow! These cushions match our yellow couches perfectly.

This sifter was found at our local Sunday markets and the mushroom measuring cup is from the Mill Markets in Daylesford. I love them because they are both ridiculously cute and extrememly useful! I foresee these two helping me make many, many batches of cupcakes in the future.

I have a serious thing for vintage wallpaper but had never been lucky enough to find any in an op-shop, until I stumbled across this lovely pile of yellow floral offcuts in Castlemaine. I not sure what I’ll use them for yet, but I’m thinking they’d be great for sprucing up old furniture like this.

This 70’s curtain was kind of a splurge. It came from an antique/gift store and was more expensive than I would normally pay for a vintage curtain, so initially when I found it, I didn’t take it home. I fell so in love with the print though, I didn’t have the strength to leave it twice. When I visited the shop a couple of weeks later and it was still there, I snatched it up. I plan to sew it into something special.

This cute vintage costmetics case and towel are both as brand new and cost $1.50 for the two. Yes!

I love this sweet birdie hanger. It’s insanely cute and will be handy for storing little odds and ends. I think I might use it to keep ribbons.

Are you noticing a colour theme here? It’s reached the point now where ladies in op-shops say “Wow! Someone really likes autumnal colours!” whenever they serve me. And if I am out with friends, every mustardy yellow item we pass is pointed out to me. I like it!

Have you found any lovely things lately? Do you have a colour theme like I do?

Katie x

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Following the loveliness of our day in Castlemaine last Sunday, today we decided to venture a little further south and explore the gorgeous little town of Daylesford. Like Castlemaine, we had been meaning to take a day to properly check out Daylesford for ages, and I’m so, so glad we got there today!

On the way, we stopped off at Book Heaven at Castlemaine to take a peek at the their gigantic collection of books and records, then once we arrived at Daylesford our first stop were the markets, where there were lots of cute stalls and old trinkets to rummage through. After the markets, we had a look around the antique, vintage and book shops on the main street, then after lunch we popped in at the Mill Markets. It was glorious!

We saw so many treasures today, we couldn’t possibly capture them all on camera. From stacks of pretty old china dishes, to racks of vintage clothes and shelves stacked high with vintage canisters and antique radios. There was so much stuff to see, it was actually kind of overwhelming! The Mill Markets were particularly amazing. Booth after booth of vintage and antiques… We could have spent all day in there alone! We didn’t buy much as a lot of the stuff for sale was way out of our price range and we have very limited storage space anyway, but we did come home with a couple of little treasures. I think we’ll have to put a post together for you soon about all our recent finds.

Aside from finding pretty things, it’s so wonderful getting out, exploring and getting to know the area we live in better. Since we moved to Bendigo last September we haven’t had a lot of time to explore the surrounding towns, but we are making it more of a priority now. And there are so many hidden gems to be found.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did you have any fun adventures or did you have a lovely cozy time at home?

Sending you lots of happy thoughts for the coming week,

Katie x

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A Complete Collection

Something Katie and I share, as well as a love of old things, is a love of little collections. Last year I decided it would be cool to collect the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming. I grew up watching the movies but had never read the books, so with the idea that “the book is always better than the movie” in my head, I set out to collect the complete set secondhand.

It was hard to get started though. The 007 books don’t appear very often in op-shops and it was a long time before I stumbled across my first one, Thunderball. It was even longer before I found the next one, but over the last few months I have slowly collected them one by one at op-shops, markets and secondhand book stores. There are a couple of great secondhand book shops in Bendigo, with bookshelves lining the walls from floor to ceiling, and it was in two of these amazing places today that I found From Russia, With Love and Goldfinger, the last two in my collection! Though I do plan to keep my eye out for more James Bond books (Katie insists it is’t a “proper” collection because they aren’t all the same editions and she likes things that match!) I’m really happy just to have them all for now.

I have already started reading the set (can you see my bookmark in the photo?) and I love them. They aren’t at all like the movies, with the crazy gadgets and stunts. They are straightforward, believable and exciting. I’ve been a little surprised by some of the old fashioned attitudes (particularly concerning race and gender) in some of the books, but the way they were written just reflects the views of a different era rather than intending to cause offense. I guess they are just relics of their time. The stories themselves are action-packed, fun, fast reads.

I love searching for things to add to a collection. It makes visiting op-shops and markets like a challenge, or a treasure hunt! Shooting straight to the book section of an op-shop and reading every single title has become an important part of my routine, so now that my collection is complete, what am I going to look for? Katie is part way into collecting all of Roald Dahl’s children’s books, and finding the books she doesn’t have is becoming more difficult, so maybe that will be my next mission. I’m getting excited already!

Are you collecting anything at the moment? Do you have any complete collections?


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