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Lavender and Poppy

Daisy and Mushroom

Sebby and Dear Delilah Parcels

Heart Pins and Daisy

We have been eating chocolate chip cookies.

We have been looking forward to a day in Melbourne with friends.

We have been getting lots of rain.

We have been rewatching The Good Life and Keeping Up Appearances and thinking we also really need to get As Time Goes By on DVD. (We’re slightly obsessed with British sitcoms…)

Reuben has been crocheting some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Katie has been working on some cute new brooches.

A friend has offered us a little chicken coop! (We can’t wait to pick it up and get some hens very soon!)

We have had a lovely brunch at Percy and Percy.

We have set a date to paint our horrible living room walls.

We have been a bit sad for Daisy who has had a sore leg. (It turns out the months of neglect and malnourishment before we adopted her have resulted in our poor Daisy having very bad joints. She’s been on medication and, thankfully, seems to be feeling a bit better now.)

We have finally tried Kale for the first time. (So good! We can’t believe it took us so long!)

We have been thinking we need to start going on bike rides…

What’s been happening in your world lately?

Katie and Reuben x

PS To celebrate Dear Delilah’s 50th sale, we’re offering 15% off everything in the shop this weekend. To receive the discount, simply enter the coupon code CELEBRATE50 at the checkout. Thank you all so much for all your support!

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Necklace from my shop.

I’m a big fan of gratitude. I love the quote “gratitude turns what we have into enough” and I believe it to be true. We live in a world that tells us that the more we have the happier we’ll be. The problem with this theory is that no matter how much we have, there will always be something we don’t have. There will always be someone out there with more. If we believe that having more will make us happier, we can never really be satisfied because we can never have quite enough. I believe that great happiness comes from learning to appreciate what we already have and modifiying our definition of “enough” to suit our true needs, rather than what the world around us tells us we “need”. In doing this we may just realise that we already have enough or, at the very least, that “enough” is less than we originally imagined…

All of this sounds pretty preachy, but I know that when I’m feeling down or pining for things I don’t have, it really does help to take a step back, look around me and take note of all that I already have to be thankful for. So what am I grateful for on this cold and rainy Saturday?

I am grateful for this earth which, though sometimes dark and frightening, is also full of magic. I am grateful for having been born in a prosperous country where I have freedom, peace and opportunity. I’m grateful for having received a good education. I’m grateful for having never gone hungry. I am grateful for winter sunshine, flanelette sheets and warm socks. I am grateful for family who love me and have always tried to do their best for me. I am grateful for a partner who is more kind, supportive and wonderful than I could ever put into words. I am grateful for op-shops and flea markets. I am grateful for a house that, though shabby and cold, shelters us from the weather and is ours. I’m grateful for Sebby, Poppy and Daisy, our fur babies, who fill our hearts with joy and make our house a home. I am grateful for mugs of tea. I am grateful for electricity and running water. I am grateful for my fledgling business and every lovely person who has supported it. I am grateful for my good health and my body which, though far from perfect, allows me to walk this beautiful earth. I am grateful for the difficult times in my life which have taught me valuable lessons and helped me to grow. I am grateful for fresh produce from the farmers market. I am grateful for my sense of humour. Finally, I am grateful for this space, which allows me to share what’s in my heart. I am grateful for each one of you, for reading and caring and sharing your own thoughts…

What are you grateful for today?

Katie x

PS After much consideration we have decided to retire our sponsorship program. Though we are extremely grateful for the support from all of our sponsors over the last year or so, from here on in we want this blog to be an obligation free space. The ads in oursidebar will run until they are due to expire, but we will not be accepting any new advertisers. Thanks for understanding.

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10 Good Things Right Now

Pendants and Daisy

Strawberry Almond Toast and Crumpets

Sebby and Sweet Heart Pins

Keep Cups and Frankie

Hummus and Poppy

Visits to the farmers market, armed with keep cups full of coffee.

Homemade hummus and sourdough toast. (For lunch. For dinner. For snacks. Always!)

The new issue of Frankie.

Making friends with the lovely white cat down the street. And the sweet grey kitty across the road. And the nice fluffy cat on the way to Katie’s mum’s place…

Sigur Rós.

Strawberries and almond butter on toast.

Creating a lovely collection of necklaces and heart pins. (Almost ready to open that shop!)

Crumpet Sunday.

Sebby asking (very politely) for a little bit of milk every single time we make tea.

Crochet blankets and flannelette PJs.

What’s putting a smile on your dial today?!

Katie and Reuben x

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10 Good Things Right Now

Kitchen Windowsill and Sebby Napping

Tiny Flowers and Making Pancakes

Feather Flower and Sleeping Poppy

Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup and Daisy Sleeping

Poppy and Latte

Homemade pancakes with blueberry syrup.

Finally locking down a plumber to replace our rusted out hot water system. (We never realised plumbers could be so elusive!)

Going for walks and gathering little collections of flowers and feathers.

Hot cross buns!

Friendly neighbours who offer a helping hand. (Country towns are lovely.)

Standing in our yard and hearing cows moo from just down the road. (Seriously, country towns are lovely!)

Clean sheets.

Looking forward to our plans for the Easter long weekend.

Gnocci with basil, picked fresh from the little plant on our kitchen window sill.

Late afternoon storms.

What’s filling your heart with happiness today?!

Katie and Reuben x

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10 Good Things Right Now

Sleepy Dog 2

Rocking Chair

Cloth Magazine

Poppy and Katie

Face Latte

Daisy sleeping in an adorable tangle of blankets and pillows.


Getting a little bit of rain last week! (We needed it so, so badly. Let’s hope we get more soon.)

Roasted pumpkin and parmesan muffins.

Afternoon walks around the itty bitty town that is now our home.

Our new rocking chair. (Especially paired with the lovely cushion by Moose and Bird that we picked up at One Fine Day Handmade back in November!)

Spearmint and chamomile tea.

Receiving another little mention in Cloth Magazine.

Unpacking and using our espresso machine. (Oh, how we had missed it!)

Feeling the slightest hint of autumn in the morning breeze.

What’s making you smile right now? Please share your happy list!

Katie and Reuben x

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