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Ten Good Things Right Now










Broad Beans

Our first home grown artichoke.

The sound of Poppy snoring from the stack of linens on the shelves in my craft room.

The first mangoes of the season.

Spending time with people we love.

Home grown kale and broad beans.

Long, summery evenings.

Our gorgeous chookies providing us with four perfect eggs, almost every day.

Homemade zucchini bread.

Clean sheets, fresh off the line.

Feeling teeny, tiny taps in my tummy!!

What good things are happening in your world right now?

Katie x

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10 Good Things Right Now

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Good Things 3

Good Things 2

Little pumpkins growing in our garden.

Taking Dear Delilah to The Square handmade market. (We always have such a fun day there!)

Homegrown blackberries.

Having a go at brewing beer.

Finally getting prints of some of our favourite instragram pictures, from Origrami.

A surprise visit from a special friend.

The roses we planted a few months ago bursting with blooms.

Tiny pears bought at the farmers market. (So sweet and crunchy!)

Finding a cute little bench with an embroidered seat in an op-shop.

Having a long weekend!

What good things are happening in your world right now?

Katie and Reuben x

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10 Good Things Right Now

Avocado on Toast and Poppy

Daisy and Watermelon

Katie and Reubs and Daisy

Poppy and Roses

Making Ginger Beer and Reuben and Poppy

Avocado and marinated feta on toast.

Having a go at making ginger beer from scratch.

Vintage teapots full of roses.

Dear Delilah being selected again for The Square handmade market. (We’ll be there Sunday 1 December!)

Sunny lunch dates at Old Green Bean.

Banana and chia smoothies.

Tiny baby apples growing on our apple tree.

Making it to the top 5 blogs of the Creative + Home category in Voices 2013. (We still can’t quite believe it!)

Fresh watermelon juice.

You guys. We cannot possibly express how much your support over the last few days has meant to us. Your comments, emails and messages on Instagram and Twitter have lifted our spirits and filled us with hope. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! We are doing well. Things are now getting back to normal and we are feeling much more like our regular selves. Though the last few weeks have been terribly hard, we are feeling really positive, hopeful for our future and thankful for the goodness in our lives. We have so much to be grateful for.

What’s on your happy list right now?

Katie and Reuben x

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10 Good Things Right Now

Homegrown Eggs

Fruit Trees





Our first lovely homegrown eggs!

Finally getting a little more painting done.

The appearance of the first spring blossoms (though it still feels very much like winter…)

Naps with Daisy dog.

Getting all of our little fruit trees planted. We now have a plum, a plumcot, a peach, an apricot and two pears!

Spaghetti and lentil bolognese.

Being accepted for a stall at our very first real life market. We’ll be taking Dear Delilah to The Square handmade market in Bendigo on September 14!

Pancakes (made from our own eggs!) with cherry jam.

Making plans to get our veggie patch happening in the next couple of weeks.

The days getting ever so slightly longer…

What’s on your happy list today?!

Katie and Reuben x

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10 Good Things Right Now



Flower Sprouts

Unpacking Vintage Sheets

Poppy on Fence

Planting two raspberry bushes next to the blueberries we planted a few weeks ago.

Chocolate self-saucing pudding. (I use this recipe, with some tweaks.)

Receiving a lovely bundle of sheets in the mail from a lovely lady who reads our blog. (Thank you Samantha!)

Upacking the rest of my vintage linen collection, into our little craft room/studio.

Finally getting all my jewellery stuff off the dining table and into said studio!

Endless cups of tea after dinner.

Washing our first load of laundry with our homemade detergent. (It works wonderfully!)

The sprouting Snap Dragons, Alyssum and Johnny Jump Ups that we planted in pots, and the fact we live in a part of the world where flowers bloom almost year round.

Sunday morning pancakes and coffee.

All of the wonderful people who have purched trinkets from Dear Delilah. (So very, very grateful!)

What’s on your happy list right now?

Katie and Reuben x

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