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Ten Good Things Right Now










Broad Beans

Our first home grown artichoke.

The sound of Poppy snoring from the stack of linens on the shelves in my craft room.

The first mangoes of the season.

Spending time with people we love.

Home grown kale and broad beans.

Long, summery evenings.

Our gorgeous chookies providing us with four perfect eggs, almost every day.

Homemade zucchini bread.

Clean sheets, fresh off the line.

Feeling teeny, tiny taps in my tummy!!

What good things are happening in your world right now?

Katie x

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Fear and Surrender


Thank you all so much for your comments here, on facebook and instagram over the last week! We are absolutely over the moon, and it is incredibly touching to have this beautiful community behind us.

The last few months have been a roller coaster. I’m 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow and in some ways it seems like those weeks have flown by, but in the same breath, it feels like the last couple of months have inched by impossibly slowly. After losing our first baby, I have been extremely anxious this time around. When we found out I was pregnant and realised I’d be nine weeks along when we left for Europe, I was so stressed that something would go wrong while we were stranded on the other side of the world. Each day that passed uneventfully while we were away, I said a silent thank you to the universe. Up until a week or two ago I had quite a lot of morning sickness and fatigue, and as ridiculous as it may sound, I was so grateful for every moment of feeling ill or tired (even though it made for some interesting times while we travelled!) I had virtually no symptoms during my first pregnancy, so feeling unwell was strangely reassuring, especially while we were so far home.

Even since coming home and having a great scan, the anxiety hasn’t left me. I was so hesitant to share our news here, and even with our friends and family in real life, for fear of something going wrong. But I know from experience that if the worst were to happen, keeping it to ourselves would not make the pain any less. It also occurred to me the other day that no matter how scared I might be, I do not want to waste this fleeting, precious time feeling sad and worried. I want to start embracing this experience and celebrating this tiny life. I am so happy and so grateful to be carrying this little one. Such happiness deserves to be shared and cherished! I mustn’t let past hurts overshadow the joy of the present.

So, I’m trying to let go of fear and to surrender to the fact that so much of this experience is completely out of my hands. As a person with slightly control-freakish tendencies and a predisposition to worry, this has been a difficult lesson for me, but I’m working on it. I still don’t have complete faith that everything will be ok, but I accept that this is out of my control and my worrying won’t change anything. I trust that what is meant to be, will be, and I am full of hope.

So full of hope.

Thanks again for reading, friends. We are so grateful to have your support as we embark on this next part of our journey.

Katie x

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Banana Bread

It’s no secret that I’m a homebody. I relish the time I spend with Reuben in our nest, surrounded by our fur babies and the things we hold dear. Though I love going out for adventures and to spend time with friends, I’m always happy to come back to our own little patch of earth.

Our big trip reaffirmed just how much home means to me. Though we had a truly wonderful time and each day was full of amazing exeriences and surprises, I really missed our home. I missed cooking meals in our shabby apricot kitchen. I missed my vintage linens and mismatched crockery. I missed collecting the eggs in the morning. I missed our messy garden. Most of all, I missed our cats, dogs and chickens. Life just feels a bit empty without their furry (and feathery) little faces close by.

A little part of me worried that after exploring some of the world’s most incredible cities, our tiny village would feel suffocatingly small. I was concerned that when we came back, all the messy, imperfect bits of our regular life would seem more apparent and tiresome. But on the contrary, I find myself fonder of the flaws and imperfections than ever before. Spending time away from here reminded me just how much I love this simple life we are building, in all its messy, imperfect glory.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week. Sending cozy, happy thoughts from our home to yours.

Katie x

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Little Things



Juice and Flowers



1. The ornamental plum trees on our street are blooming! There are buds on our fruit trees too. Spring is well and truly in the air.
2. Cutie Clover sleeping with her tongue poking out!
3. Fresh juice and fresh flowers.
4. Those little sticks poking out of the earth are new berry canes. We planted berries all along one end of our house and cannot wait until they have grown and are fruiting!
5. Cake with cream and strawberries. Just because.

Sorry that things have been a bit quiet on the blog in the last little while. We leave for Europe in just over a week (!) so we’ve been busy tying up loose ends and getting organised for the big trip. We are so excited!!

Hope you are having a gorgeous week!

Katie xx

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Little Things






Strawberries on Toast

Daisy and Clover

No Knead Bread

1. I’ve been trying some new green cleaner recipes. The only commercial cleaning products I have had to buy in the last few months are oxy-action bleach and dishwashing liquid. I wish I’d made the change sooner.
2. Our two camellia bushes are blooming. They were planted many, many years ago and have somehow survived intense droughts and years of neglect. Their blooms bring so much joy to grey winter days.
3. Sweet Poppy napping.
4. Our girls are laying again! They had a really tough first moult and were off the lay for quite some time. It’s so lovely to have homegrown eggs once more.
5. I’ve been spending a lot of time cooking good, nourishing food in the last couple of weeks. I don’t often follow recipes but I love beautiful cook books for inspiration when my motivation in the kitchen runs dry.
6. Strawberries, cream cheese and a drizzle of honey on toast, with a big mug of cinnamon tea. The perfect way to start a day.
7. We’ve been painting our living room. Clover and Daisy have been helping by getting in the way and brushing up against the wet paint on the walls. They’re so cute, it’s impossible to stay mad at them.
8. No knead bread. Yes!

Katie xx

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