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Easter Snippets


Butterfly Cakes


Easter Egg



Candy Love

Egg Hunting

The Easter long weekend is always one of my very favourite parts of the year. The weather is usually lovely and perfectly autumnal, everyone gets a few days off, Bendigo comes to life with the Bendigo Easter Festival (complete with parades, markets, petting zoo and rides!) and we always have a special picnic. For Reuben and I, Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without a picnic! Our annual picnic tradition began when we were living in Queensland. One year we arranged a lunch with friends at Kondalilla National Park in Montville, and we’ve been doing it ever since. When we lived in Sydney Reubs and I had quiet little Easter picnics, just the two of us, but when we moved to Victoria we invited our new friends and it became a fun group thing once more, just as it should be! This year we ate sandwiches, butterfly cakes, quiche, rumballs, carrot cake, potato salad, mars bar slice and much more, lazed about in the autumn sunshine and had an Easter egg hunt at the Bendigo Botanic Gardens (that’s what Reubs and I are doing in that last picture! Ha!) It was delightful.

No matter what you believe or how you celebrate, I hope your Easter long weekend was full of happy things. Wishing you lots of goodness for the week ahead!

Katie x

PS Thanks to our friend Brenny, who took the pictures of the Easter egg in the leaf and us hunting!

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Valentines Day Thrifty Finds

Reuben had Valentines Day off this year, and rather than spending it working on the house, we treated ourselves to a little day out. We haven’t had much time for fun stuff lately so Valentines Day seemed like an excellent excuse. We drove to Bendigo, had a delicious lunch at Bendigo Corner Store Cafe (again) and spent the afternoon pottering about in our favourite op-shops. That’s pretty much my idea of the perfect day! And happily, our treasure hunting was quite fruitful. Here’s what we found:

Sheridan Pillowcases

I love all vintage linens but have a particular fondness for pillow cases. I love piles of mismatched retro florals on my bed. And these ones are still in the orginal packet! Hurrah!


Speaking of retro, would you look at these curtains!? I bought them to repurpose the fabric, but might even hang the blue ones in our kitchen.

Paper Recycling Kit

Reubs found this paper recycling kit and when he showed me I almost squealed. It’s the exact same kit I had (and loved) as a little girl, and in perfect condition, with all its bits and pieces intact. I’m quite looking forward to making some paper with it!

Vintage Tea Towel

This vintage tea towel is one of my favourite finds in a long, long time. It’s in brand new condition and obviously has never been used. I love those daisies and scallops! I’d like to find somewhere in our new house to hang it up.

Vintage Plates

I’ve been trying not to buy more vintage plates as we have accumulated so many, I actually had to donate quite a stack of them when we packed to come stay with my mum, but I couldn’t resist these! They are just so perfectly 70s.

Vintage Sheets

Of course, I couldn’t call it a successful trip without finding some vintage sheets for my collection. I can’t wait to get back into sewing once we’ve moved. I miss it!

Milk Jug

And finally, a little milk jug to match some of my vintage plates. I love when I find something old that matches another I already have at home.

Have you had any good op-shop/thrift store finds lately? I’d love to hear about them!

Katie x

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Home Owners!


Yes! Today we officially became home owners!

The settlement on our house came through a couple of days early and this afternoon we picked up the keys. Our keys. Of course we drove straight over to the house, parked the car in our carport for the first time, walked through our crunchy brown grass and opened our very own front door.

Standing in the living room which will soon be the heart of our home was, well, surreal really. And we must admit, looking at the cracked apricot paint, fluorescent light fixtures and filthy brown carpet, was just a teeny bit overwhelming. We have so much work to do and very little money to do it with. There is no landlord to call for help when something goes terribly wrong now! Even so, we are ridiculously excited about the journey ahead. We know working on the house isn’t going to be easy but we’re totally ready for the challenge. In fact, we begin work on Sunday! (If any of you have any brilliant tips for removing old, blistering paint, please do let us know…)

We’ll be back to share some scary “before” pictures soon!

Katie and Reuben x

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2012: The Year That Was

Ferris Wheel

Katie and Daisy (3)

Autumn Sun

Cupcakes and Roses


Reuben at El Gordo

Daylesford Markets

Daisy and Poppy

Flowers and Hay


Handmade Christmas

Lavender Doily Heat Pack 2

Johnny Jump Up

Katie and Cow

Katie and Reuben

Fruit Trees

Molly and Bunny



Old Bottles

Picnic Katie

Poppy Sleeping

Purple Flowers

Record Player 2

Daisy High Fives

Red Leaves

Katie and her Vintage Measuring Cup

Reuben, Daisy and Blossoms


Spring Blossoms 2


Reuben in the Garden

The Gold Coast 2


Vintage Mugs

Daisy Delilah 5

Vintage Sheet Dress

Sunset Love

Vintage Sheets

Lucky snail

Katie and Reuben (2)

Tomorrow we wake up to a bright, new year but this year, my goodness… This year. Where do I even begin?

Looking back on the photos from 2012 I can’t quite believe all that has happened and how much our lives have changed, in both big and small ways. We made new friends, welcomed Daisy to our little family, settled into a nice routine in Bendigo, then uprooted ourselves and moved again! We’ve contributed to a book, road tripped all the way up to Queensland and spent a few days on a sheep farm with family. We have spent many happy hours trawling through the flea markets and antique stores in Castlemaine and Daylesford, eaten countless hot chips in the park with friends and been on many long, rambling walks with our puppa. Of course there have also been rough parts, but on the whole it’s been a good year. A very good year.

This year has been a very big one in terms of personal growth for both Reuben and I. In 2013 our goals, dreams, values and ideals became clearer. Our vision for the future solidified. We practiced gratitude and patience and were filled with hope. Little by little we are becoming the people we want to be and building the life we dream of. We have huge plans and exciting changes instore for 2013, and we are both so excited for all that lies ahead of us.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey in 2012. As the blog world grows and countless new voices join the party every day, the fact that you choose to spend a small part of your time visiting here does not go unappreciated. We feel so privleged to be allowed into your world, and we are truly grateful to have you in ours. We can’t wait to share the coming year here on House of Humble.

So Happy New Year friends!! Wishing you and yours a world of goodness in 2013. (I have a feeling this next year is going to be a great one!)

Katie x

PS Apologies for this post being so very (ridiculously) photo heavy, but how else can I summarise an entire year in just one small post?!

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So That Was Christmas



Christmas Tree

Cheese and Strawberries

Blue Cheese and Pear Tart

Table Decor


Well, that’s Christmas done and dusted for another year! We’ve spent the last few days eating, playing board games, eating, watching movies and eating. On Christmas day we slept in, then I made a batch of scones for breakfast which we ate while still warm, with jam and cream. We unwrapped our tiny bundle of gifts then spent the rest of the morning playing scrabble and cards outside in the sunshine. We set the table with handmade candles left over from this gorgeous wedding and the scrappy doily table runner I made for Handmade Christmas, then I made a delicious blue cheese and pear tart with walnut crust (based on this recipe), which we had with baked veggies for lunch. In the afternoon we watched Love Actually and ate trifle for dessert. It was quite lovely really. Low key and lovely.

I hope you all had a peachy Christmas. I can’t quite believe it is almost the beginning of a brand new year! Oh 2012, where did you go!?

Katie x

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