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The Story of a Cat and his Pot

This is my mum’s cat, Ginge. (Ginge is short for Ginger. Terribly original, isn’t it?)

Ginge adopted my mum. Yes, you did read that right! Back when mum lived on a farm, he just turned up at the house one day. When he first appeared he was awfully timid. He’d creep into the laundy for food when he thought no one was looking, but as soon as he caught sight of anyone he’d run away as far as his little legs could carry him. This went on for months and months and we all assumed he was a wild, untamable thing. But then… He started running away less. Eventually he let mum pat him. Then he began spending more time inside. It took a long while but slowly he became more comfortable with other people too. Mum took him to the vet. He got more confident, even around strangers. Little by little we all gained his trust.

These days Ginge is the smoochiest, friendliest cat you ever could meet. He sleeps on the bed with mum, cuddles up to the dogs and spends a good portion of each day sitting in the flower pot you see above. That’s Ginge’s special pot. It did originally have a plant in it, but he soon claimed it as his own and squished the plant flat. The pot is perfectly cat-sized and positioned in the sunshine.

We believe Ginge is very old and think perhaps he was dumped in one of the farm sheds by someone who no longer wanted him. He was so terribly afraid of people when he first showed up, it’s likely someone was very unkind to him at some point. Happily, that’s all behind him now. Dear old Ginge will spend the rest of his days with my mum, snoozing contentedly in the sunshine by the back door. Just a cat and his pot.

Katie x

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This Morning

This morning, as usual, I woke up to an overfriendly kitty who likes to sit on people’s backs and a sweet boy who is kind enough to oblige her (not to mention the second kitty and the puppa, awfully fond of photobombing). It’s the little things, like these pictures, that fill my heart with gratitude and happiness.

I always have a lovely time when we are out treasure hunting, or having breakfast at a nice cafe, or seeing a movie, but often it’s these silly, cute, totally unplanned moments at home that are the ones to catch me unawares and stop me in my tracks. When we’re in our PJs, surrounded by piles of unfolded clean laundry and sipping our morning coffee. Or when we’re up late at night listening to records, sharing a bag of a licorice and just feeling totally content to be in each other’s company… It’s then, at those perfectly ordinary but truly beautiful times, that I am reminded of how good we really have it. And though we may be a long way off fulfilling our dreams and we may be at just the beginning of our journey, I realise we already have everything we need. In these tiny, joyful moments we are already living our happily ever after.

I would not trade the love in this humble little house for anything in the world.

Katie x

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In the Sunshine

We were lucky enough to have a long weekend here in Victoria, so we went to visit my mama. All weekend it was gloriously sunny and very warm. It seems the summer weather isn’t quite finished just yet. We soaked up the early autumn sunshine at the local farmers market, where we picked up some lovely local produce, and spent the rest of the weekend reading, knitting and eating my mum’s delicious banana cake with chocolate icing (one of my favourite things in the whole world!) It was gorgeous.

What did you get up to on the weekend? Whatever you did, we hope it was sunshiney and lovely! Wishing you all a happy, magical, wonderful week!

Katie x

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10 Good Things Right Now

Iced coffee with icecream!

Lovely old books from op-shops.

Piles of freshly thrifted and washed, vintage dresses and cardigans.

Zucchinis growing in our yard!

Fresh fruit on pretty little plates.

Planning our meals and doing a weekly grocery shop together (like real grown ups).

Watching Daisy carry a door snake around the house like it’s her most precious treasure.

Pumpkin and feta muffins.

Kitties napping in the sunshine.

Evening strolls.

What’s making you smile right now? We’d like to know!

Katie and Reuben x

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Australia Day

Cleaning our incredibly dusty, old house. Crocheting hexagons. Rereading the current issue of Peppermint for the millionth time (and admiring the gorgeous Veggie Mama on the cover). Eating junk food with friends. Walking Daisy. Making Coleslaw, roasted potatoes and stuffed mushrooms (again). Watching Downton Abbey (finally!) Feeling grateful. That’s how we spent our Australia Day.

We are so thankful to call this beautiful country our home, today and every day. It’s a crazy, wonderful, sunshiney, smiley, magical place to live, and we love it with all our hearts. Happy Australia Day everyone!

Katie and Reuben x

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