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The Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Tomato Relish



Basil Cordial

We love farmers’ markets. The second weekend of the month is always our favourite because the Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market is on the Saturday and the Girgarre Farmers’ Produce Market is on the Sunday. Today some of our friends came over from Bendigo and we all headed over to the market at Girgarre together. Unfortunately it was extremely hot and the flies were absolutely horrible so we didn’t hang around for long, but a quick lap around the stalls was all we needed to pick up some veggies, as well as homemade tomato relish and basil cordial. Can we stop a moment to talk about the basil cordial? The lady who made it was also selling mint, lemon and elderflower cordials, but I went with the basil because I fancied something a bit different. And oh my! It is good. And so perfectly refreshing on such a hot day. Basil cordial! Who knew?!

I hope you’re weekend was most lovely. Wishing you peachy things for the week ahead!

Katie x

PS We are officially sick of scorching summer weather. Autumn, where on earth are you?!

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Following the loveliness of our day in Castlemaine last Sunday, today we decided to venture a little further south and explore the gorgeous little town of Daylesford. Like Castlemaine, we had been meaning to take a day to properly check out Daylesford for ages, and I’m so, so glad we got there today!

On the way, we stopped off at Book Heaven at Castlemaine to take a peek at the their gigantic collection of books and records, then once we arrived at Daylesford our first stop were the markets, where there were lots of cute stalls and old trinkets to rummage through. After the markets, we had a look around the antique, vintage and book shops on the main street, then after lunch we popped in at the Mill Markets. It was glorious!

We saw so many treasures today, we couldn’t possibly capture them all on camera. From stacks of pretty old china dishes, to racks of vintage clothes and shelves stacked high with vintage canisters and antique radios. There was so much stuff to see, it was actually kind of overwhelming! The Mill Markets were particularly amazing. Booth after booth of vintage and antiques… We could have spent all day in there alone! We didn’t buy much as a lot of the stuff for sale was way out of our price range and we have very limited storage space anyway, but we did come home with a couple of little treasures. I think we’ll have to put a post together for you soon about all our recent finds.

Aside from finding pretty things, it’s so wonderful getting out, exploring and getting to know the area we live in better. Since we moved to Bendigo last September we haven’t had a lot of time to explore the surrounding towns, but we are making it more of a priority now. And there are so many hidden gems to be found.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did you have any fun adventures or did you have a lovely cozy time at home?

Sending you lots of happy thoughts for the coming week,

Katie x

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Orange and Red

These pictures were taken over the weekend, while we were visiting Katie’s mum for Mother’s Day. As you can see the leaves are well and truly changing colour now and the grey autumny skies have rolled in!

This is our first autumn in Victoria and it’s quite different to the autumns we are used to. I spent most of my life (before moving to Sydney) living in Queensland, where it’s very warm all year round. In Queensland I never really noticed the seasons changing. There aren’t many deciduous trees that lose their leaves and the temperatures just gently ease into the winter months (and even in winter it’s not very cold!) Down here though, Autumn really happens! In the last week or so the temperatures here haven’t really ventured above the mid teens, so it’s been pretty crisp! It’s also been quite windy and the sky has been grey. But while everybody else is grumbling because they miss the warm summer sunshine, I’m enjoying our chilly, windy, drizzly days. This weather is still a novelty for me (at least this year it is) and as an added bonus, it’s given me the chance to finally wear the cardigan I crocheted last winter!

Most of all, I’m loving the changes autumn is bringing to the way everything looks. Now, the trees are skeletal figures stretching up towards the sky, while their discarded red and yellow leaves dance around in circles and flutter down the streets. There are no leaves left on Katie’s mum’s fruit trees, when just a few visits ago there were peaches begging to be eaten. Everything is covered in warming colours. The sun sits a lot lower in the sky and the light is soft. It is all just so beautiful.

I’m starting to wonder what winter is going to be like. People keep warning me that it’s going to get much colder. And though I’m sure it will, I honestly can’t wait!

What’s the weather like in your part of the world right now?


PS Aren’t Daisy (giving a high five) and Mollie (watching ants) the cutest?!

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Autumn Sunshine

Right now is my very favourite time of year. The leaves are gently turning, the wind is crisp and clean, and the sun is sinking into the horizon just a teensy bit earlier every night. Yes! This is autumn.

Of course, languid summer days are lovely, cozy winter nights are wonderful and fresh spring mornings are glorious, but there is something particularly special about the afternoon sunshine of autumn. Autumn sunshine is just perfect for sipping coffee and knitting in, picnicking in, walking sweet Daisy in. Autumn sunshine makes the simple, everyday activities of our lives ever so much more beautiful.

I hope all our southern hemisphere friends are enjoying this amazing time of year and getting a good dose of that gorgeous autumn sun! And I hope our northern hemisphere friends are having an equally magical spring.

These lovely seasons are so fleeting. We must try to make the most of them!

Katie x

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Sowing Seeds for Winter

Now that it is getting cooler it is time to start planting our winter veggies! Our little garden has been pretty much left to its own devices ever since I planted our first lot of vegetables in spring, but I’m determined to get more on top of things and grow more of our own food. Our garden isn’t ready for direct planting yet, so today Katie and I planted some seeds in little pots that we made out of toilet rolls.

Even though Katie and I see each other every day, sometimes we get so caught up in the busyness of every day life that we forget to really see each other. Making these little pots and planting seeds was a lovely way to quietly spend half an hour together, without distraction. It was also a nice way for me to show Miss Black Thumb how just fun and easy gardening can be! If you would like to make some of these little pots yourself, there’s a really easy tutorial here. It’s such a simple way to reclaim something that would otherwise just get thrown away.

In a week or so, we should have little seedlings of climbing beans, snow peas, broccoli and cauliflower to admire. Broccoli was always my favourite vegetable while I was growing up, so I can’t wait to eat our own, homegrown version!

Reuben 🙂

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