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Road Trip Thrifty Finds

While we were away we took every opportunity we had to pop into as many op-shops as possible (of course!) Unfortunately we did a lot of driving in the evenings and on weekends when op-shops were closed, so we passed many we were unable to visit, but we did get to stop at a few and we found a nice collection of treasures. My very favourite find is the little vintage quilt pictured above. I found it in an op-shop in Dorrigo for $3 and could hardly believe my luck! The camera doesn’t really do the prettiness of the vintage fabrics in it justice. It is truly lovely. I am also very chuffed with the set of vintage canisters, the teapot, the vintage sheets, the serving platters and the old craft books we found. Very chuffed indeed!

Have you found any thrifty treasures lately? I so enjoy hearing about people’s finds!

Katie x

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The Vintage Nest

This weekend we visited family in gorgeous Bellingen. It’s such a beautiful part of the world! And while we were there I was very exited to visit The Vintage Nest. I had been hearing good things about this little shop and had been looking forward to visiting for such a long time. Coffee, cake and shelves stacked with vintage? Oh, yes please! We had a lovely time rummaging through the treasures and sipping lattes. I couldn’t really think of a nicer way to while away an afternoon…

Katie x

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The Little Blue Record Player

If you’ve been watching our blog closely, you may have noticed that in some of our latest posts I have been rummaging through old records a lot. After much searching, a couple of weeks ago we bought a little old record player from a local vintage shop! Everything worked except there was no stylus (or needle for our American friends) and we had to order one in.

Even though we weren’t able to play records right away, I immediately began ransacking op-shops, markets and antique shops searching for vinyls. I’ve quickly built up a little collection and have been waiting (rather impatiently) for the new stylus to arrive. After two whole weeks of barely controllable excitement, yesterday the record store called me to tell me the good news! And when I finally picked up the new stylus this afternoon, I rushed straight home to put on an old record.

The first record we played was The Monkees Greatest Hits. We picked it up for a couple of dollars on our recent trip to Daylesford and I think it was a good album to welcome our little record player into our family. The Monkees are fun and their songs are so catchy and uplifting. What could be better?

Music isn’t something we talk about much on House of Humble, but it’s something that is very important in my day to day life. Recently, when my iPod died of old age, I realised that I really can’t go long without it. I even resorted to borrowing an old iPod from a friend until I could sort out something more permanent. I’ve become quite dependant, but I get so much enjoyment from listening to music that I really don’t mind. Though I’d like to have an awesome record player cabinet, this little one is perfect for now, while we are living in this tiny house.

Does music play a big role in your life? What have you been listening to lately?


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…We have finally seen the Grace Kelly exhition at Bendigo Gallery (so wonderful!)

We have drunk a lot of chai tea.

Reuben has been reading his James Bond books.

Katie has been reading The Help.

We have spent quite a bit of time rummaging in op-shops, antique stores and at flea markets.

We have worn lots of scarves and layers.

We have eaten some amazing veggie nachos at Old Green Bean.

Katie has been trying to make a small dent in the pile of old dresses she has to alter.

Reuben has been knitting a little sock for his iphone.

We have aquired a vintage turtle teapot!

We have been watching lovely old Marilyn Monroe movies.

We have been a bit lot slack about cooking dinner.

We have been very, very grateful for our heater and our electric blanket…

What have you been up to lately? We’d love to hear all about it!

Katie and Reuben x

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Following the loveliness of our day in Castlemaine last Sunday, today we decided to venture a little further south and explore the gorgeous little town of Daylesford. Like Castlemaine, we had been meaning to take a day to properly check out Daylesford for ages, and I’m so, so glad we got there today!

On the way, we stopped off at Book Heaven at Castlemaine to take a peek at the their gigantic collection of books and records, then once we arrived at Daylesford our first stop were the markets, where there were lots of cute stalls and old trinkets to rummage through. After the markets, we had a look around the antique, vintage and book shops on the main street, then after lunch we popped in at the Mill Markets. It was glorious!

We saw so many treasures today, we couldn’t possibly capture them all on camera. From stacks of pretty old china dishes, to racks of vintage clothes and shelves stacked high with vintage canisters and antique radios. There was so much stuff to see, it was actually kind of overwhelming! The Mill Markets were particularly amazing. Booth after booth of vintage and antiques… We could have spent all day in there alone! We didn’t buy much as a lot of the stuff for sale was way out of our price range and we have very limited storage space anyway, but we did come home with a couple of little treasures. I think we’ll have to put a post together for you soon about all our recent finds.

Aside from finding pretty things, it’s so wonderful getting out, exploring and getting to know the area we live in better. Since we moved to Bendigo last September we haven’t had a lot of time to explore the surrounding towns, but we are making it more of a priority now. And there are so many hidden gems to be found.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did you have any fun adventures or did you have a lovely cozy time at home?

Sending you lots of happy thoughts for the coming week,

Katie x

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