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Clover Clementine

Clover Clementine 2

Clover Clementine 1

Today our family of seven (two humans, two cats, one dog and two chickens) became a family of eight! The newest addition is Miss Clover Clementine. Reuben and I had been talking about adopting a second dog for quite some time. Up until recently my mum was living just around the corner from us and I was taking Daisy over to have play dates with her dogs most days. My mum recently moved out of town and though she is still close, she’s no longer within walking distance. Since Daisy hasn’t been seeing my mum’s dogs every day she’s seemed a bit glum. I think she became quite accustomed to being part of a pack.

We’ve been checking shelter websites and animal rescue facebook pages, waiting for the right little doggie to catch our eye and join our family. Daisy is still very frightened of people and dogs she doesn’t know, so though we would have been happy to adopt an older dog, we thought a pup (that Daisy would be less likely to feel intimidated by) would be easier on Dais. We figured a puppy would have a better chance of bonding with Daisy too.

This morning, while we were eating pancakes, I checked the Lost Dogs Home website and was struck by a funny, whiskery little face. The description said she was three months old, sweet and a little bit timid. Perfect! Reubs called to see if the pup was still available and, much to our delight, she was. The shelter was closing early so we had just half an hour to make it there before closing, and we live precisely half an hour away, so we scrambled to the car and made it just as they closed. The moment we laid eyes on little Clover wiggling at us through the gate, we were certain she was destined to be a part of our family.

The lady who processed the paperwork for Clover’s adoption didn’t have any information about how she came to be there, but we know she was one of three puppies. Her siblings had already been adopted out and Clover was the last one to find a home. We think she might be a bull arab cross wolfhound, but just as with Daisy, we’ll never really know her heritage.

Clover is settling in wonderfully. She is such a sweet and affectionate little scrap. As to be expected, Daisy is a bit jealous, but they are getting along well. I’m confident they’ll be the best of friends in no time!

Not a day goes by when I am not glad we have chosen to adopt cats and dogs in need. I truly believe they understand and that they are grateful for the happy life we have given them. We in turn are so grateful for the joy they bring us every day. We love our ragtag flock of rescue babies with all our hearts!

Katie x

PS Remember when Daisy came into our lives?! On one hand that seems like only yesterday, but on the other hand I can’t remember life without her!

PPS We have decided that in 2014 we will try to follow a blog post schedule. From now on we will be posting every Sunday, rather than at random.  We’ve come to realise we need structure in place to do things consistently, but we don’t want to commit to posting so frequently that it becomes a chore. This feels like a good balance.

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Reuben Evie and Poppy

Katie and Beatrice

Poppy on the Chicken Coop

Beatrice and Evie

Reuben and Evie

Today was an exciting one around here! Our little family of five became a family of seven, with the addition of two sweet little Wyandotte hens. Though we were originally thinking of getting Pekins, after hearing from a few local chicken experts that Pekins tend not to be fantastic layers and discovering there were some lovely Wyandottes for sale not far from where we live, we decided on Wyandottes. And already we are so glad we did! These girls are so calm and friendly.

We have named the partridge coloured hen (the tan one) Evie and the silver lace hen (the black and white one) Beatrice, after the main characters in The House of Eliott. They’re still young but should start laying any time now. We can’t wait to collect our first homegrown eggs. It might sound silly but getting chickens feels like quite a milestone in our journey to a simpler kind of life. We’ve been looking forward to this for such a long time!

Aside from the chooks, it’s been fairly quiet at our place this week. Our renovations came to a bit of a grinding halt when Reubs fell off a ladder (he’s ok, he was just very bruised!) but we hope to get back to it soon. Oh and thanks to everyone who has expressed concern over Daisy dog’s painful hip since I posted about it a little while back. She had a course of anti-inflammatories and has since been on a doggie glucosamine supplement, which seems to be making a difference.

I hope all is well with you. Wishing you much goodness for the rest of the week!

Katie x

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Reuben’s Whale Shark iPhone Cover

The Whale Shark

Under The Whale Shark

Whale Shark

Some of you might remember that at about this time last year I was working on a knitted cover for my iPhone, in the shape of a whale shark? At first the project came together really quickly and I began writing down the pattern with the intention of publishing it, so that anyone interested could make it too, but unfortunately I got distracted along the way. Between being promoted at work, completing a diploma, buying a house and trying to find time to renovate it, I’ve had quite a busy year, and until now I just haven’t had the time to put it all together.

The good news is, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working really hard to get the pattern finished and it is finally done! I simplified the pattern from being knitted on DPNs to flat rows (for communication and tension purposes) and modified the fins to make them a better shape. I’ve even had a friend test the pattern to double check it works!

You can download the pattern here. It’s absolutely free! And while I made the whale shark as a cover for my iPhone, I think it would do equally well as a soft toy.

I’m so excited to be sharing my very first knitting pattern. I really hope you like it!

Reuben 🙂

PS What do you think of the blog’s new look? Katie gave HOH a bit of makeover over the weekend and we’re pretty chuffed with it! It felt like time for a fresh start…

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The Story of a Cat and his Pot

This is my mum’s cat, Ginge. (Ginge is short for Ginger. Terribly original, isn’t it?)

Ginge adopted my mum. Yes, you did read that right! Back when mum lived on a farm, he just turned up at the house one day. When he first appeared he was awfully timid. He’d creep into the laundy for food when he thought no one was looking, but as soon as he caught sight of anyone he’d run away as far as his little legs could carry him. This went on for months and months and we all assumed he was a wild, untamable thing. But then… He started running away less. Eventually he let mum pat him. Then he began spending more time inside. It took a long while but slowly he became more comfortable with other people too. Mum took him to the vet. He got more confident, even around strangers. Little by little we all gained his trust.

These days Ginge is the smoochiest, friendliest cat you ever could meet. He sleeps on the bed with mum, cuddles up to the dogs and spends a good portion of each day sitting in the flower pot you see above. That’s Ginge’s special pot. It did originally have a plant in it, but he soon claimed it as his own and squished the plant flat. The pot is perfectly cat-sized and positioned in the sunshine.

We believe Ginge is very old and think perhaps he was dumped in one of the farm sheds by someone who no longer wanted him. He was so terribly afraid of people when he first showed up, it’s likely someone was very unkind to him at some point. Happily, that’s all behind him now. Dear old Ginge will spend the rest of his days with my mum, snoozing contentedly in the sunshine by the back door. Just a cat and his pot.

Katie x

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Then and Now: Daisy Turns One

The day we found Daisy and took her home to my mum’s place, after a big feed she napped under the lemon tree in the backyard. To this day whenever we visit mum Daisy likes to sit under that tree, and last time we were there I took some pictures. It’s amazing looking at photos of Daisy in the same spot 8 months on. My, how she’s grown!

Under the tree, December 2011.

Under the tree, August 2012.

Daisy Delilah, December 2011.

Daisy Delilah, August 2012.

When we first found Daisy, the vet estimated she was around 4 months old. We found her on December 26 so we’ve decided to celebrate her birthday on August 26, which is tomorrow!

When we adopted Daisy she had a nasty case of pneumonia, fleas, worms and mites. She was severely underweight, extremely timid and very wary of people. Today, Daisy is a completely different dog. She’s strong and healthy and happy. Those droopy little ears perked up within a couple of days of her coming home with us and they haven’t drooped once since!

Though we are still fighting the mites (they are very almost gone now but it’s been a saga!) and she’s still afraid of strangers, Daisy has come such a long way since joining our family. Dear Daisy is such a sweet and affectionate girl. She thinks she is a lap dog and insists on lying all over us. She’s very playful and we’ve lost many shoes this year (and our two cats have been rather traumatised!) She doesn’t like squeaky toys but loves playing tug of war and is obsessed with chasing the vacuum cleaner. She likes sneaking hot chips and pieces of cheese. She is bestest friends with Molly and whenever we visit my mum they are utterly insperable. She is the spottiest, silliest, snuggliest, smelliest dog there is!

We will never know what awful things happened to Daisy at the beginning of her life, but we do know that she will never be cold, hungry or lonely again. We truly believe that she understands we rescued her and is grateful for it, and in turn we are so thankful for all the joy that Daisy has bought to our lives. She has completed our little family and stolen our hearts.

So Happy Birthday, Miss Daisy! We love you.

Katie x

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