About Us

Katie Reuben Daisy and Clover


We’re Katie and Reuben. We like eating nice food, drinking coffee, dancing in the kitchen, reading good books, pottering about in the garden, taking pictures, making things, op-shopping (AKA thrifting) for vintage goodness and spending plenty of time together at home.

In August 2011 we left our apartment in Sydney (Australia) in pursuit of a simpler, more mindful, more beautiful life in country Victoria. We spent a bit over a year renting a little cottage in Bendigo, before buying our very own house in a tiny rural village. You can read more about that journey here. Our “new” house was built in the 1950s and has been unloved for quite some time, so we are now in the process of (very slowly) renovating. You can see some “before” pictures here.

We share our home with our two rescue kitties, Sebastian and Poppy, our two rescue puppies, Daisy and Clover, and our Wyandotte hens, Beatrice, Evie, Tilly and Madge. Reuben likes to knit and crochet, while Katie makes jewellery for her shop, Dear Delilah. We dream of travelling Australia in a vintage caravan, opening a bricks and mortar store and writing books, among other things.

This blog is our journal and a celebration of the little things that make us happy. On our little piece of the internet we share our journey and our attempts to live consciously, sustainably, creatively and joyfully. We hope to squeeze the very most out of our short time on this earth and live with purpose and intention. Our choices might not be the norm, but we are chasing our bliss.

We are very friendly so please don’t hesitate to say hello. Thanks so much for visiting us! You are lovely.

Katie & Reuben x